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Athenian Brewery S.A. is one of the most important beer producers and traders in Greece. It was established in 1963 by a group of Greek entrepreneurs and is a member of Heineken Group N. V. In 1965, the first plant started its operation in Athens, producing Amstel beer. The second plant was inaugurated in 1974 in Thessaloniki, expanding the production, whereas Amstel became one of the most famous beers in the Greek market, just like it still is today.

In 1981, Athenian Brewery started Heineken beer's production in Greece, while a third plant started operating in Patra. In 1990, Athenian Brewery started the production of the alcohol-free beer Buckler. 1993 was an important year for Athenian Brewery, since it started the production of the Natural Mineral Water Ioli in its new plant located in Lamia, a region famous for its springs.

In 1994, it received the first Certificate of Quality ISO 9002, while all Athenian Brewery's certificates today complete the Quality Management System of the company (Quality, Environment, Labour Safety and Hygiene, HACCP).

In 1999, the company launches Fischer, while, in 2000, it launches the traditional, Greek beer ALFA.

In 2001, Athenian Brewery, through Heineken, was selected as Grand National Sponsor of the "Athens 2004" Olympic Games, a project in which it was totally successful. In 2006, it enhances its contribution with Amstel Pulse, a refreshing beer with modern packaging.

Apart from beers produced in Greece, today Athenian Brewery SA also handles a wide range of imported firms, such as Erdinger, Murphy's Irish Stout and Red, Duvel, Chimay, Kirin, McFarland, Carib, Desperados, Tiger, Moretti, Foster's and Krusovice Kralovsky, while it also exports its products to more than 30 countries throughout Europe, Africa and America.

It is also worthy of remark that, in the framework of its social responsibility, Athenian Brewery S. A. has shown a constantly evolving, effective, dynamic social and environmental activity during the last years, developing programs and activities designed to promote further emergence and public opinion's sensitization on issues related to social contribution.

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